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 Legacy Messages

Legacy Messages are a personal and private video message created for you and about you, so that loved ones may have a continued connection with you once you have passed this life. They provide an important gift from you to help the grieving process and move towards acceptance of this most powerful of emotions. They also mark a celebration of life and all that has been achieved and passed onto future generations.


Tell Your Own Story

Tell your own story and pass this on to those you love and care about… in your own words.


Remembering isn’t Dwelling

A Legacy Message brings an understanding and acceptance that sadly we all go this way one day and for many the road from grieving to acceptance and remembrance is a difficult one.

They provide an opportunity for you to organise and create a visual record of you and your family history, bringing together photographs, personal memories of special times and most importantly you and your voice.

Our service is personal, caring and understanding. You can personalise your message in anyway you like and we will assist you as we create a ‘Legacy Message’ for you to leave to your loved ones.


To be remembered

‘The desire to be remembered lives within our genetic makeup. It is the age-old reason people carve their initials on trees, place their hands in cement, and chalk their names on rocks. They want to leave their mark. They want to be remembered. But for the living, the real marks they leave are the ones they’ve left on us. A hug. a smile, a timely word of advice. We want to remember those we’ve loved and lost, not only for them, but also as importantly for ourselves, to mend, to heal, to live, and never to forget’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas of the Country do you provide a service?

We are pleased to accept instructions from customers anywhere in the UK, but if you are outside of our personal representation areas, content will need to provide us with the content delivered to my mail or electronically. 

Please use the enquiry form to see if we have personal representation near to you. 

How Does Legacy Messages Work ?

Please refer to the key features of our services below and for a complete quide to our services, please complete the contact form below and we will send you your own personal guide.

Is your service totally confidential ?

Yes, absolutely. Your dealings with us are private, confidential and secure and you will deal the same person throughout who will assist you all the way through the message creation process. We will only communicate with you using your preferred method of communication, (email, telephone, letter).
Once your Legacy Message is completed, you will need to advise us how and when it is to be delivered and this is usually advised to us by You, your family, a personal advisor or solicitor.

How will my message be delivered ?

Your message will be stored in our secure vault, where it will only become viewable if you wish to amend it or at a time which you set within your delivery instructions. Your message will then be delivered to your desired recipients. 

You may also wish to deposit a copy of your message delivery instructions with your Solicitor which we will provide for you on a digital memory stick. (We no longer produce DVDs as this technology is now being discontinued.

Key Features of Our Service & How It Works


  • FREE Friendly personal telephone consultation with one of our creators. (Not a sales person)

  • FREE practical demonstration for you to review in the comfort of your own home. (Without us present)

  • We provide you with a written proposal with concepts and ideas for you consider.

  • We provide you with a quotation based upon your requirements. 

  • We plan your Legacy Message creation together with you.

  • We gather the agreed content material.

  • Our studios then produce your Legacy Message.

  • We then invite you to a private viewing of your Legacy Message  – private review session.

  • We then create your message delivery setup 

* You can request  our full Legacy Message Guide by getting in  touch today ↓

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